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Our breeding program is centered around the bloodlines of the legendary
Coral LaCE through his son, Coral's Alejandro de Vez, as well as mares
who are granddaughters of this great sire, combined with the lines of
other extraordinary horses of the past.



Coral LaCE
 (Canario II x Dama)
PFHA#1,436     NASHA #FB2

Coral LaCE

It was May 1993.  As he turned to acknowledge us, the rich, mahogany bay coat glistened in the rays of Florida sunlight that beamed through the open stall door. With striking white blaze, lush black mane, the most luxurious tail imaginable, and huge dark eyes that peered from beneath the thick black forelock, he appeared regal. The sheer beauty of him was breathtaking and his presence made him seem enormous although he stood just over 14 hands. He was captivating, the embodiment of strength and elegance, a horse like no other we had ever seen before. He was the horse that started it all; he was the legendary Paso Fino stallion, Coral LaCE.

Coral LaCEThere were many descendants of the noble and gentle stallion in the herd of 70+ Paso Finos that grazed the 80 acres of La Caballeriza de Vez that day. As we toured the barns and pastures, they all greeted us with the same friendly interest shown by their sire. We were amazed by their gentleness. Each had their own  unique beauty, yet there was a sameness about them; it was the unmistakable stamp of Coral LaCE.

As a breeding stallion, Coral LaCE consistently passed his beauty, elegant carriage, natural gait, unfailing stamina and gentle disposition on to his offspring.  He sired 181 offspring during his lifetime, stamping each one with an ambient beauty that is difficult to describe, yet easy to identify.

Coral LaCE's ability as a sire was beyond extraordinary. So powerful was his ability to pass his genes that he was not only a "sire of sires", but was a "sire of dams" as well. His exceptional quality, beauty, gentleness and accurate gait are evident in his grand get, regardless of whether they are sired by his sons or produced by his daughters.

Coral LaCE was, himself, a Grand National Champion in Performance, as well as a top producer of National Champions. The Paso Fino Horse Association twice named him as the #1 Top Ten Sire in the Nation, and the accomplishments of his offspring earned him a place on the Paso Fino Horse Association's Top Ten Sires List an amazing thirteen times! His offspring have taken National honors in Pleasure, Performance, Versatility, Driving, and Largo Races, as well as numerous State and Regional titles.

Coral LaCE's offspring have also excelled outside of the show ring. Both sons and daughters of the great sire have taken top honors in Competitive Trail Riding and Endurance Riding Competitions.


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