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Alrena Meadows would like to thank and congratulate 
the new owners of these beautiful horses.   



Sonoval de Vez
 14.3 Hand Chestnut Stallion Foaled 2/6/00    
Coral's Alejandro de Vez x Mis Amores de Vez
AVID Microchipped and Registered with PETrac


Photos by Becky Siler

SOLD!  Congratulations to the new owner of this exceptional Alejandro son!

This stallion is outstanding to say the least.  Large, yet, refined, Sonoval is a blend of Coral LaCE, a Grand National Champion, Hall of Fame, 13-time Top Ten Sire, legend of the Breed and Foundation Sire of the North American Single-footing Horse Association (NASHA) and the great lines of Maria Luisa. She was named "Dam of Champions" by PFOBA after her son became Twice Grand National Classic Fino Champion, another son became a National Fino Champion and multiple National Champion in youth classes while, yet, another son became National Champion in Owner/Amateur. 

Sonoval claims the lines of Corito, another son of Maria Luisa and Cori. Cori was a full brother to La Garza; dam of Puerto Rico's Cupido, a multiple Champion and famous Paso of Puerto Rico.  Sonoval's dam is a beautiful palomino.  She is a direct daughter of Corito out of Amor de Vez. Amor de Vez was a daughter of Cantante de Omega, a very handsome 15hand chestnut son of Res. Grand National Performance Chamion, Singer, whose lines go back to Gaucho/Desvelo.

Sonoval's unique name (pronounced Son- of-Al) was chosen to honor his sire, who is known as "Al". The "de Vez" suffix was added in order to honor and give credit to the dam and her owners. Sonoval also carries the genes of Monarca, a 15 hand stallion, who was Puerto Rico Island Champion four times. This stallion will enhance gait where ever he goes and should be considered for his  potential as a herd sire. 

It has been said many times that "history repeats itself" and such may be the case where this stallion is concerned. In 1989, ten years prior to our leasing his dam, a beautiful palomino mare of Puerto Rican bloodlines was leased by Barbara Preiss of La Caballeriza de Vez.  The sole purpose of which was to breed the mare, Ibis, to her herd sire, Coral LaCE. As a result of this breeding, a large chestnut colt was foaled in 1990.

The colt was not only large, he was very gentle, extremely refined, and had an undeniable presence about him. In honor of his legendary sire, Coral LaCE, his home farm,  the mare's owner, Alex Ogilvie III, and to reflect his Spanish heritage, the colt was named "Coral's Alejandro de Vez".




Rio de la Vista Verde
Bay Filly - Foaled 5/2/05

(Coral's Alejandro de Vez X Mi Cielo Tango)

SOLD!  Congratulations to the new owner of this gorgeous filly!  This gorgeous filly is large and refined with the conformation and bloodlines to have a very good range of gait and exceptional largo. Her beautiful dam, Tango, is a large and very gentle mare that gaits where ever she goes and is a granddaughter of Pegasus Estaban.   Rio is stabled at Rancho de la Vista Verde, Greenville, FL



Catera de Alrena
(Coral's Alejandro de Vez x Sirena de Las Tierras)
PFHA Reg. #32,552
NASHA Reg. #1999-54

  Catera at 12 months
Pictured at 12 months

Catera Catera is large, beautiful, extremely sweet, and is another example of line-bred Coral LaCE perfection. A visitor to the farm stated that "she gaits like a sewing machine".  She is a gorgeous chestnut with a blaze and hind stocking. Like her dam, Sirena, and full sister, L'Oreal, she will come to you in the pasture for attention. She not only carries the genes of legendary Coral LaCE, but also the lines of "Dam of Champions", Maria Luisa, and four-time Puerto Rico Island Champion, Monarca. Catera is also the great-granddaughter of Otra Vez,  daughter of 2-time Grand National Fino Champion, Frio Viento. Otra Vez is, herself, a Florida State Fino Champion over the 3-time APF Grand Champion. Catera is the image of refined beauty and will mature to become a large, elegant and versatile mare.  Catera's been started under saddle and is beautiful in motion with fast and accurate gait.  



Astaciana de Alrena
PFHA Reg. # #33,527
NASHA Reg. #2001-23

Photo at one year

"Staci" is absolutely stunning in beauty and presence. She has no m
arkings; she doesn't need them! She will mature to be very large and is already as large as her sisters even though many months younger.  She is very gentle and intelligent and is line-bred on both Coral LaCE and Monarca. Her dam is a beautiful chestnut mare by Coral de Vez. He is a Florida State Champion in both Performance and Pleasure with powerful rear-driving action and a sire of exceptionally gaited offspring. His dam, Tomoka Miedosa, is a Florida State Champion Performance Mare. Monarca was a 4-time Puerto Rican Island Champion who was 15 hands and had a good range of extremely accurate gait. "Staci" is a deep chestnut in color and looks like a clone of her elegant sire, Coral's Alejandro de Vez.  She has been started under saddle and is flawless in gait.  



Tributo de Alrena 
PFHA  Reg #37,380  
 Bay Gelding Foaled 2/27/01 
Coral's Alejandro de Vez x Estampa de Canela


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This stunning bay gelding is another example of the exceptional quality being sired by Coral's Alejandro de Vez. He is very large, yet refined, with an elegant head and correct conformation. He's been gaiting naturally since birth and has a very sweet and gentle disposition.
Tributo, a grandson of the legendary thirteen-time Top Ten Sire, Hall of Fame stallion, Coral LaCE, also carries the genes of four-time Puerto Rico Island Champion, Monarca. A full Puerto Rican stallion, Monarca stood 15 hands and had a good range of extremely accurate gait.

This elegant gelding is out of the beautiful and gentle bay mare, Estampa de Canela, a proven producer of very gentle and gaited offspring. Through her, Tributo claims the lines of the full Puerto Rican stallions, Triunfo and Poquito Senor, who were prized for their accuracy of gait and ability to pass it on. When mature, he will be an exceptional mount.


Lonicera de Alrena
Chestnut filly foaled 5/17/01
 Coral's Alejandro de Vez x Sabor de Miel
 PFHA Reg.  #37,614 

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This large and gentle filly is solid chestnut with no face or leg markings. She is yet another example of the exceptional quality being sired by Coral's Alejandro de Vez: large and refined, with a beautiful head, correct conformation and gaiting naturally from birth. She is, of course, a granddaughter of the legendary 13-time Top Ten Sire, Paso Fino Hall of Fame and NASHA Foundation Sire, Coral LaCE. Through her sire, this filly also carries the genes of four-time Puerto Rico Island Champion, Monarca.

Her beautiful and gentle dam, Sabor de Miel (known as "Honey"), was sired by a full Puerto Rican stallion named Chocolate who is by a line-bred grandson of Kofresi. Through her dam, this filly also  claims the lines of the full Puerto Rican stallions Triunfo and Poquito Senor, which were coveted for their accuracy of gait. 




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